San Nicolas Integrated School adopted the K-12 following the law’s enactment and signing by President Benigno Aquino III. Under Republic Act Republic Act No. 10533, the old system that separates grade school and high school education is abolished and replaced by a system that integrates kindergarten, gradeschool and high school in a more cohesive system.

The K-12 system is geared towards preparing students to become productive, responsible and God-fearing citizens who will contribute meaningfully in building a stronger nation. The current system focuses heavily on the following areas to achieve its goals:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Values
  • Life skills
  • Love of country
  • Service to fellow men

Through constant exposure to learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, San Nicolas Integrated School strives to provide holistic, inclusive and high-quality education for all its students. The institution constantly endeavors to sustain a level of excellence that will serve as an example not only to the student body but to the rest of the community and the Philippines as a whole.



Similar to most state-run educational institutions, San Nicolas Integrated School utilizes written and performance-based learning assessment techniques to determine grades for its students. This allows teachers and parents to quantify a child’s progress relative to learning milestones appropriate to his or her age. The school maintains, however, that grades are only part of a student’s measure of learning. Character-building, social activities and participation in extra-curricular activities are viewed with equal importance to gauge a child’s overall progress.



San Nicolas Integrated School recognizes exemplary academic achievements by its students. Per DepEd Order No. 36, s. 2016, awards are given to students who attain these ranges of general grade averages:

  • 98-100 – With Highest Honors
  • 95-97 – With High Honors
  • 90-94 – With Honors

Awards are also given to students who have demonstrated excellence in individual subjects, the  performing arts, sports and civic activities.



San Nicolas Integrated School encourages its students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities recognized by the school. This includes sporting events, performing arts, civic works and similar works. The school firmly believes that academics along are not sufficient in the ideal development of a child. Learning inside the classroom must be balanced with social activities and life lessons to provide a learner with mental, physical and emotional support that’s vital as he or she grows up.