School Profile


Name:San Nicolas Integrated School
DepEd Recognition Number:N/A (state-run)
Elem- No:N/A (state-run)
Company SEC Number:N/A (state-run)
Location:Ilang-Ilang Street, San Nicolas City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Office/Records: 045-435-3563
President/School Head:Mrs. Imelda E. Simbulan
Technical Contact:

School History

In the year 1947, San Nicolas Integrated School formerly known as San Nicolas Barrio Elementary School was located in the Eastern portion of City of San Fernando, Pampanga was constructed.

The retired principal, Mrs. Remegia M. Carreon, was the pioneer of the institution and the premier teacher who opened the first classes in the barrio. Moreover, the first class of Grade 1 was ordained at the barrio chapel due to the construction emergence. Moreover, enrollment got its prime over to have a progressing population of having another grade level wherein an additional teacher was assigned.

Furthermore, the school building was constructed on November 1947 in the lot donated by the inheritors of Mr. Manuel Escaler the area of the school site was about 5,663sq.m. It is recognized as Parcel 74, Lot. No. 51, Plan PSU 5044, situated at Barrio San Nicolas, San Fernando, Pampanga, obscured and espoused in the original Certificate Title No. 519. The act of donation was drafted and prepared by Attorney Gil M. Gotiangco, then notarized in the City of Manila, Philippines. The indenture of donation was duly entered in the Notarial Register of Attorney Gotiangco classified as Doc. No. 383, page 74; Book 1, series as 1948.

In 1955, San Nicolas Barrio Elementary School became San Nicolas Elementary School having with 9 teachers and Mrs. Remegia M. Carreon as the school head. As the enrollment increased, Mr. Adelfo David was assigned here and had the longest service among his fellow workers.

Under the hospitality of Mr. Felipe Quiambao and Mr. Jose Pabustan, classes were obtained while many classrooms were being constructed. Yearly enrollment increased and the grade five classes was edifice at the AFPSEM (Armed Forces of the Philippines School for Enlisted Men) of Camp Olivas. Barrio meeting was held and the PTA officers were elected. Attorney Arcadio Miranda, the PTA President and other barrio officials helped in the improvement of the school.

Yearly enrolment increased and the grade five classes was organized and housed in the AFPSEM (Armed Forces of the Philippines School for Enlisted Men) of Camp Olivas. In 1956, the Elementary School was completed with its first graduation in the same year. Classrooms and school facilities were then constructed one after the other and so with a five-room 1-2-3-4 type building, concrete school stage, cemented pathways, a flagpole, an H.E. building, a school comfort room and the complete elementary level.

More than that, Barrio meetings were organized and PTA officers were elected. Atty. Arcadio Miranda, the PTA President and other barrio officials helped in the betterment and convalescence of the school.

In 1963, thru the collaboration of the synergism of this PTA officers and barrio officials, school buildings increased in number; a 3-room RP-US building, the two-room Marcos type building, together with the principal’s office and school gate, they were all inaugurated in February 16, 1976.

Throughout the school’s long history, there had been many changes since its foundation as a primary school from 1947. Through the collaborative effort of Mrs. Lani P. Delumen, the former school principal, Mrs. Tornesita C. David, Faculty President and Ms. Carol G. Quiambao this institution developed as an integrated school in 2009.

High schools population started with 3 sections with a total population of 168 students (117 Male and 48 female) with 3 teachers, in 1 storey building with four classrooms donated by the city government during the administration of City Mayor Honorable Oscar S. Rodriguez.

San Nicolas Integrated School is a child friendly school.